Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Analect 2.42x

13 February 2007. Oblong warm gray cloud positioned behind upper corner of white bank wall. Sunlight, intermittent, to the east. Warm, now cool, now warm. Flash of figure as I glance up--teenage boy with fender guitar in limp brown sack...appurtenances. Like the tape from Katie--Hound Dog in Big Mama Thornton's original rendition. On a television stage, her gray massif holding the space in front of photo city facade--side men off to the side, the lead guitar player reed thin to her imposing bulk. He looks up, a bit anxiously, left hand at very top of neck, three fingers whammed across as he pulls off a rudimentary blues run. Modulated, reserved even--the ball is in her court. Big voice, yes--warranted, it seems--a belter, like Joe Turner...he started in a St. Louis bar, the voice already there... "Rain rollin' down my window pane..."

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