Monday, February 05, 2007

Analect 2.36x

5 February 2007. Mist-covered moon, floating just above the hills. Edges lost in darkness. Morning: also veiled, sun just now pushing through. Woman in jaunty white baseball cap disappearing for a moment behind large green truck--amber dome light flashing on cream white cab. WM. Two guys in heavy work clothes, dulled fluorescent-green safety vests--one leaning back slightly, hands in his ample pockets. Just in front--the German doctor, walking carefully up the street, head tilted upwards, houndstooth, sheaf of papers tucked in close. Last night: Doc Watson and Bill Monroe--also a duet, Doc singing the lead, Monroe in high-voiced harmony on the chorus. Banks of the Ohio. Where the song comes from--two solid men, 200 pounds, catching empty oil drums as they were tossed from a train in Detroit--Monroe in his youth--but here, an almost delicate tenor, with subtle mandolin line--like a honeysuckle vine on a trellis...crucial embellishment. Sadness of the words...taken up in the flow...

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