Monday, June 08, 2009

Analect 2.510x

10 June 2009.

Hilda Herrera and Andrés Pilar, seated together at the piano, on a concert stage in Rosario, Argentina... She his teacher. Where the handing down becomes a kind of sharing--a love, if only in the most figurative sense. Affection, certainly, and the infinite recognition of the presence of another being. Nostalgias Santiagueñas, Adolfo Ábalos and his brothers...

"Todo empezó por Gardel. No nos gustó cómo cantaba un gato. Nos pareció que no llevaba ni el ritmo ni la melodía del verdadero gato, y pensamos que sería bueno hacerlo conocer a los porteños." (Adolfo Ábalos)

(It all began with Carlos Gardel. We didn't like the way he would sing a gato. It seemed to us that he carried neither the rhythm nor the melody of an authentic gato, and we thought it would good to make one known to the Porteños.)

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