Monday, June 29, 2009

Analect 2.520x

29 June 2009. El Cerrito pool, blue green in morning light, sliver swimmer shadows, shoulders, arms…

A line of fine wires, drawn along the parapet. Bird discouragement—towards what end? Protection of the newly shingled roof—or a human sensibility. Javed’s place, at dawn, with the bags of stale bread and cakes, scattering them all across the pavement. 7-eleven in its better days

Toda la noche despierto
Tan grande pena lloré.
Toma esta rosa,
Dame un clavel.

All through the night, awake
Such a great sadness I wept
Here, take this rose,
And give me a carnation in return…

(A gaucho copla, quoted from Carlos Alberto Leumann in El Poeta Creador.)

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