Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Analect 2.512x

12 June 2009. To the north, clouds, heavy and rolling, while above, intermittent puffs...

Nostalgias Santiagueñas... Adolfo Ábalos y su hermanos. "Pago donde nací / es la mejor querencia / Y más me lo recuerdo / me larga ausencia ay, ay, ay, sí, sí..." A beautifully lyrical line of melody, almost impossible to sing--because of the way each phrase falls away into a kind of reverie. Adolfo born in Buenos Aires--on the same block as Aníbal Troillo, the illustrious tango bandoneón master--but the family returned to Santiago when he was just a year old. A child of both worlds...

Here Vitillo, one of the younger brothers...bailando con Elvirita,

Tu sombra de mistol he'i buscar
cuando ya cansao de tanto andar,
Vuelva de nuevo al pago
a mi Santiago, ay ay ay, sí sí

* * *

The shade of your mistol tree I'll have to look for
when tired of so much roaming,
I return again to my home place
to my Santiago, ay, ay, ay, sí, sí...

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