Monday, June 22, 2009

Analect 2.515x

22 June 2009. Pleno verano, light air...


El mundo es un pensamiento
realizado de la luz.
Un pensamiento dichoso.
De la beatitud, el mundo
ha brotado. Ha salido
del éxtasis, de la dicha,
llenos de sí, esta tarde,
infinita, infinita,
con árboles y con pájaros
de infancia ¿de qué infancia?
¿de qué sueño de infancia?


The world is a thought
made real out of light.
A joyful thought.
Out of beatitude, the world
has emerged. It has come forth
from ecstasy, from felicity,
full in themselves, this afternoon,
infinite, infinite,
with trees, with birds
of infancy--of what infancy?
of what dream of infancy?

Juan L. Ortiz

Note: The Spanish word dicha carries both the meaning of happiness and of luck, or good fortune, in the sense of fate--from the popular belief in pagan times that individual fortune followed from the words pronounced by the gods at the moment a child was born.

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